Meet Dr. April Glasco, Founder and CEO of Second Chance Last Opportunity. April tracks 30 years of her amazing mission as a self-appointed leader of women. The work she does is often tedious but provides her with so much joy as she does it.
Here is some of what she does:

  • Exposes women, youth, and families to improving their self-worth and growth.
  • Encourages people to find purpose for their lives
  • Provides services such as food for families, backpacks, and supplies for school age children
  • Keeps stocked a neighborhood pantry with clothing and personal hygiene items for people of all ages
  • Diapers and formula for infants
  • Programs such as I AM THAT I AM and SISTER CIRCLE

Glasco, a former corrections officer with Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and caseworker for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, watched for years as the local community struggled with big city issues such as violence, narcotics sales, addictions and generational cycles of government dependence. In response, Glasco was compelled to do something to help the community.

With the establishment of Second Chance Last Opportunity in 1995, at-risk teenagers and their families are provided with crisis prevention, intervention, referral and life skills training. Today SCLO continues as the only agency that is working from within the community to address the problems inherent in an isolated, underserved and depressed population. SCLO’s holistic approach reflects the multiple economic, social, and health challenges its citizens face.
Along with strategies and skills for success, SCLO offers counseling, health and life skills education, tough love, and shelter and financial assistance referrals. Most importantly, SCLO gives the individuals the responsibility for turning their lives around, remaining a constant, community-based support for those making positive changes.

April is the recipient of many awards including the recent “Woman of the Year” award March 14 at the 2020 Finer Womanhood Program of the Zeta Phil Beta Sorority Inc. in partnership with Five Pearls of Excellence Inc.

Come learn about the successes and struggles, listen to a humble lady share her story about how she reshaped a community with compassion, fearlessness and a contagious smile. Learn about SCLO and its results of positive change.


I am that I am because this is how I see myself. I see myself as the women that I thought I couldn’t be. I am that I am, Strong, Brilliant and Powerful. I will no longer see myself the way people want me to be.”(c)