I Am That I Am Training

I Am That I Am Training


This series will contain both theory and practical ways of starting a new beginning for yourself through empowering, encouraging and motivating yourself to become strong, brilliant and powerful. It is aimed to helping individuals begin to build their self-confidence, as well as learn how to reduce stress and repair the brokenness that they have encountered from their past and present situations, not limited to dealing in unhealthy relationships, experiencing incarceration and losing a close loved one.

The I Am That I Am will gives individuals the tools to expand seeing their own true self as an individual with the opportunity to engage in new possibilities with a new outlook on life. This three-week session will have didactic as well as experimental opportunities and each session will focus on different aspects of effectiveness of branding a new start for you. Each week, individuals will learn and put into practice, something new that can help them to develop greater understanding about themselves Each week individuals will be empowered to learn the four P’s – their Potential, Perspective, and Purpose with a Passion.

I am that I am because

this is how I see myself,

I see myself as the woman

that I thought I couldn’t be.

I am that I am, strong,

Brilliant, and powerful.

I will no longer see myself the way

people want me to be,

I am that I am.

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