Tip “P” Toes Technique™


The Tip “P” Toes technique helps individuals that are in a crisis situation to face their fears and issues that keep them from moving forward in their life. Using the Tip “P” Toes technique gives a person stability, and builds their strength to be free in their situations.

By using the Tip “P” Toes technique it empowers, builds up and resets a persons thoughts, actions and behaviors to stand firm to what they believe —that they can overcome any situation without wanting to negatively respond back immediately!

he Tip “P” Toes technique instructions: Stand tall, balance yourself while on your tip ‘p’ toes. Now bounce yourself up and down to get your strength and balance. Now walk across the room or around in your comfortable space with your heels up. You’re walking like queen as if you are on top of the world and looking down.”

With this Tip “P” Toes technique, a person walking on her tippy toes gains her self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and is self-empowered knowing “its only a temporary situation” and “I am an overcomer”!

While using the Tip “P” toes technique find a poem such as And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou or I AM THAT I AM by April Glasco. Repeat those words from the poem of your choice while using the Tip “P” Toes technique.


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